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Sms Service

How it Works?
To understand how this service can be utilized, please find a list of frequently asked questions and their replies are documented below:

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What do I need in order to utilize this service?

All you need to have is a contract with OOLC and a mobile phone connection from any service provider in the Sultanate of Oman.

2. How can I start using this service?

You can start using this service by visiting any of OOLC's offices and registering for the SMS service.

3. Can I have my mobile phone number registered for more than one contract?

Yes, your registration works for all the existing contracts that you have with OOLC.

4. I have a mobile connection established in another country. Can I still utilize this facility?

The SMS services being offered by OOLC is available from within and outside of Oman provided the mobile connection can be obtained locally with roaming facility.

5. What are the charges for the SMS service?
OOLC provides this service completely free of charge. However you will be paying charges for SMS to the service providers.

6. What number do I have to dial to send SMS from my mobile number?

Please dial 99896749 to send an SMS.
7. I have registered my mobile phone as described. How do I retrieve information?

The SMS facility shall be used for sending alert messages to customers and allowing them to retrieve information by sending SMS to OOLC.

Currently, the following information can be retrieved:

S. NO.


Methods for retrieval

1.            Balance enquiry
  • For balance enquiry send B followed by your Contract Number.
    Example: B 100000

Currently, OOLC will send the following information:.

S. NO.



1.        On approval of lease request. customers will receive a welcome message.
2. On completion of a lease contract customers will receive a thank you message
3. Release letter ready customers will be informed that their release letters are ready and can be collected.


Insurance Renewal

customers will be reminded to renew insurance prior to expiry.


When cheques are dishonored

customers will be informed about dishonored cheques and shall be asked to make the required payments.

To view Disclaimer for SMS service Click here